Betting Odds Calculator & Convertor

Our betting odds calculator & convertor is a useful tool to convert fractional, decimal and moneyline betting odds. This helps bettors around the world to convert or calculate odds with a few simple clicks on our page.

Our calculator will help you determine how much money you’ll win and the total payout you’ll receive.

Transform American and European odds formats to calculate your possible winning with this online betting calculator.


Betting Odds Calculator


In sport betting odds come in different types, but express the same thing around the world. Your preference in odds is linked to your 1st betting experience you had and the location you had it. For example bettors in Europe are usually exposed to fractional odds because that is the most popular way to express betting odds in this regions. If you are betting on USA sports betting sites on the National Football League, you are more familiar with -110 type of odds.

You should always remember, that odds formats were created for the bookmakers convenience and to confuse the bettor.

You need to pay close attention to them and always convert odds that you are not familiar with. Most bookmakers and sports betting websites will allow you to change your odds display settings, but as you are searching for betting tips and other betting articles, you may run into pages that reference an odds format you are unfamiliar with.

Bookmark the “Betting Odds Calculator & Convertor” page in your browser ( chrome, mozila, safari etc. ) to help you out with that at any time without searching online.